Restaurant in Golf-club

VillageKitchen at Dovzhenko is situated in a unique location - in the territory of the Moscow City Golf Club, one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean places of the capital not far from the legendary film studio "Mosfilm". Here, enjoy the scenic lake, green fields and watching the aristocratic game of golf, you will feel in the country, without leaving the capital. For your convenience - fenced area and private parking.

The restaurant at the golf club reflects the main idea of the brand: homemade food, prepared with the restaurant sophistication, nostalgia a la "gourmet". In addition to the products, familiar from Village Kitchen at the armor, we offer dishes cooked over an open fire to provide guests with rustic feel to the taste. Be sure to try the side of the young calf with Baku potatoes, garlic and rosemary, and the whole baked turkey farm or gusika with sour cabbage and apples.


Village Kitchen on the street. Dovzhenko through aesthetic landscapes ideal place for visiting the registration. We will do everything to make this day memorable for you for life: spend the right amount of wine tasting and provide all the necessary equipment for a holiday.

It's your choice: two-story, bright room, a separate room with a spacious balcony and fireplace, conference room, lounge area with a welcome-cocktail parties.

The main distinguishing feature of our brand - we give every customer feel special and unique. We will help you organize business or festive event of any difficulty and prepare the dishes of your choice, not represented in the main menu of the banquet. We will take into account your food preferences, special diet or religious laws, and prepare kosher meals under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar or halal, approved by the Council of Muftis of Russia. Before the major feasts we conduct full tasting and our space: 2 small rooms, a terrace and banquet facilities provide unlimited scope for creativity.


Capacity up to 60 people You can rent the hall, together with the audience "Gourmet»

Rotunda hall is decorated in classic European style. The first thing that catches the eye here - panoramic windows in the semi-circular wall, which gave the name of the hall, of which & nbsp; and peaceful views of the lake and golf players. The walls, from top to bottom decorated with photos of famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Jake Nicklaus, Payne Stewart and others, visitors are forced to believe in what they are - far from the city, and feel involved in the aristocratic world of sports. The unique comfort of the room adds a fireplace lined with stone and decorated with candles and wine collection on either side of him.
The rotunda can accommodate up to 60 guests who wish to relax in a country house on the European shore of the lake.


Capacity up to 60 people The ability to put a long table in the whole room. It is possible to remove completely only with hall "Rotonda" or summer veranda.

The yield on the summer porch.

The refined interior in the style of an English mansion - Gourmet Hall. Here, in luxurious cream sofas, surrounded by mirrors with gilded frames and rare flowers - Spathiphyllum evergreen, spring tulips and peonies in summer, you will find an unforgettable evening, a business dinner or a holiday. In the center of the room - an antique sideboard, on the walls - oil paintings, donated by Michael Amaev modern impressionist A. Zotov, the ceiling design hanging chandeliers that add a spark hall of pomposity. Gourmet can accommodate 50 to 60 guests who prefer luxury, comfort and sophistication in every detail.

Summer terrace

Format banquet up to 120 persons a buffet format up to 300 persons Works in warmer years, from April to the end of September.

Enjoy a unique view of the green lawns covered with the perfect lawn and dishes of the best seasonal vegetables and fruits, you can in the summer veranda, accommodating 100 people for banquet seating. Decorated with flowers, olive trees and covered with an awning that protects from the sun and the cool rain, veranda will give you the opportunity as a simple dinner, and spend an unforgettable event in the open air.

Big a banquet hall

banquet format to 400 people a buffet format up to 800 persons Separate entrance Parking

The large banquet hall is impressive for its size. Classic and timeless: a calm design, designed in unobtrusive light colors, subtle and at the same time, massive columns, second floor, surrounded by ornate wall and spherical chandeliers, as if hanging in the air. Here we will help you create any atmosphere and bring to life exciting, challenging, and original ideas.

A particular advantage of the room: it is located in a separate building with its own entrance and parking. We provide all the necessary light and sound equipment, dressing room for artists. Green lawn near the entrance to the Grand banquet hall and a white gazebo on the pond will serve as an ideal place for visiting welcome'ov and ceremonies.

Small banquet hall

banquet format up to 70 persons Format buffets up to 120 persons Balcony Fire

Small banquet room recreates the atmosphere of luxury room in a cozy country house: River lined with stone walls, a real fireplace with gilded candlesticks, candelabra chandelier with any corporate banquet bring home the spirit of Village Kitchen. In the hall there is access to the spacious balcony from which you can admire the pond and golf course. In summer there are arranged cocktail tables and chairs, where guests bask in the sun and relax in the fresh air.

Entrance to the fireplace room is through a spacious lobby area. Minimalism in every detail, from pistachio sofas, bright wallpaper and finishing with spherical lamps, allows for any themed buffet here: the business, the gala.

Hall of the board Congress Hall

Capacity up to 30 people soundproofed Plasma The presentation equipment

The format of a business meeting or conference in a relaxed atmosphere, with green lawns, sparkling pond, rising above the windows, zadёrnutyh fine tulle and a separate exit to the balcony - a reality, if it is held in the Board Room. Comfortable leather chairs, modern equipment for presentations and negotiations, a long table, on which, in addition to the official papers, fit and fine homemade snacks from Village Kitchen - Board room provides all the conditions to the above event took place at the highest level.

Good idea - to rent a room together with the Management Board of the lobby area. In between talks, the guests and the staff will be able to be recharged and good cheer cocktails and snacks copyright for even more productive work.

Conference facilities

Capacity up to 80 persons The ability to transform the room into two equal sections The presentation equipment area for coffee-break

Conduct presentations, trainings or business meetings we offer a conference room. In the free zone for the coffee-break we will organize event participants snacks, coffee specialties and homemade sweets.

Rent conference hall can be shared with the adjacent foyer area, where after the event Village Kitchen team will prepare a unique cocktail that will be a nice finishing touch for any business meeting.

Zone Marquee

Format banquet up to 100 persons a buffet format up to 150 persons Isolated input barbesue Zone

Marquee area, working in the summer, according to your wishes can become a welcome-zone or a separate space for the celebration. Located Marquee area is the middle of a green lawn on which you take out summer barbecues and barbecue and prepare unique dishes in the open air. Treat yourself to milk the kid, when you toasted on a skewer, or this Karachaevsk lamb and a black lamb on the grill. Try the side of the young calf with a baked potato, garlic and rosemary or cooked whole turkey.

Welcome to Village Kitchen!

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