Grill dishes

One of the distinguishing features of our menu is dishes cooked on open coals. According to the concept of home cooking, we find the most selective and buy meat, and deserve special attention of a square black Karachay lamb, juicy filet mignon, saddle and loin of lamb and Village-steak from the meat of a young bull. Good and farm chickens fed corn and wheat, used to prepare chicken tobacco, lula kebabs and pargiёt. The quality of the products plays a decisive role in a rather simple and even ascetic way of cooking, such as skewers of Caspian sturgeon or wild sea bass on charcoal, because it all - a real «live» home cooking.
  • Skewers of salmon
    1 700 o
  • Rack of lamb black Karachay Bio
    Rack of lamb black Karachay Bio.
    1 800 o
  • Skewers of mutton ribs
    Skewers of mutton ribs «Seeds».
    780 o
  • Spicy Beef Prime basturma
    Spicy Beef Prime basturma with tomatoes and sweet onions.
    1 600 o
  • Young bull Village-steak
    Young bull Village-steak cooked on the grill.
    2 600 o
  • Parga from farm chicken
    Parga from farm chicken served with baked potatoes and homemade sauce BBQ.
    1 100 o
  • Kebab of chicken
    Kebab of chicken.
    900 o
  • Kebab lamb
    Kebab lamb.
    900 o