Hospitality - is a centuries-old tradition and a staunch law home cooking anywhere in the world. Each guest Village Kitchen, we strive to create a special atmosphere, where it would feel very easily, at home. That is why our restaurant has become a destination for many friendly meetings, family celebrations and feasts. We love our guests, we are proud of our guests. After all, many of them famous and distinguished people - writers, social activists, artists, TV and radio presenters, critics. The Village Kitchen welcome every visitor, regardless of rank and regalia. Come to our restaurant - here you will be welcomed as an old friend, will be treated to home-made food, and this will help to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

  • Mikhail Shvydkoi
    Theater critic, drama, public and statesman
    Your prosperity - it is our happiness, not only gastronomic but also human, I am happy!
  • Klara Novikova
    People's Artist of Russia, humorist, member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress
    It always wants to go, there is the aroma of delicious food, the atmosphere at home. In Moscow, a lot of inspirational restaurants, but not many of them can boast of those visitors who come here.
  • Leonid Kanevsky
    Soviet, Israeli and Russian film and theater actor, a television presenter. Honored Artist of the RSFSR
    I wish you many, many years, this restaurant, so I could come here and bring your friends here
  • Katya Kalina
    Restaurant critic browser «Business Fm» and radio «Chocolate»
    Because of their work, I often go to restaurants, sometimes several times a day. The «Village Kitchen» I come for the delicious food, just eat a human being, without boast.